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The Oxford Alternotives has been one of the UK’s most innovative and successful a cappella groups since 1993. As a university society, every year members graduate, and new singers are auditioned and recruited. Here are some of the past members who have made the group what it is today:

2019: Grace Albery (Co-President), Athena Hawksley-Walker

(Co-President), Georgina Lloyd-Owen (Musical Director), Jude Hunt 

(Marketing), Alex Buchanan, Bethy Reeves, Hannah Andrusier, Issy Paul, 

Matt Maynard, Paradis Fara, Richard Calver, Sally Jo, Sam Norman,

Seline Delcourt

2018: Jamie Powe (Co-President), Daniele Zurbrugg (Co-President), Oscar

Darwin (Musical Director), Bella Imi (Marketing), Georgina Lloyd-Owen

(Deputy Musical Director), Athena Hawksley-Walker, Grace Albery, Hiba

Abuelgasim, Imogen Mechie, Jude Hunt, Rosie Richards, Lewis Spring,

Sammy Moriarty, Shamime Ibrahim, Zoe Carmichael

2017: Rosie Richards (Co-President), Camilla Dunhill (Co-President), Hugh Cross (Musical Director), Alice Robinson (Marketing), Hiba Abuelgasim, Imogen Mechie, Georgina Lloyd-Owen, Bella Imi, Jamie Powe, Bryce Wedig, Oscar Darwin, Daniele Zurbrugg, Alec Badenoch, Max Salisbury

2016: Natalie Fairhurst (Co-President), Alice Robinson (Co-President), James Hardie (Musical Director), Zoe Carmichael (Marketing Director), Sam Lupton, Miriam Swallow Adler, Shan Chang, Sara Lee, Charlie Hodgkiss and Tom Gaisford

                                                  2015: Lucy McCann (President), Michael Beale, Tommy Siman (Musical

                                                  Director), Xavier Hussain, Tom Pease (Marketing), Michael Davies, Iona

                                                  Davey (President and Treasurer), Chesney Ovsiowitz, Katty Cowles and

                                                  Teddy Chow

                                                   2014: Jessie Reeves (Musical Director), Chris Bland (Musical Director),                                                     Ed Crawford (President and Treasurer), Niamh Fhorreidh (President),                                                        Max Woodman, Amy O’Brien, Niall Docherty, Alex Wickens, Xavier                                                      Hussain and Meghan Rossi

2013: Kirsty Mackay, Nick Barstow, Heather Young (Musical Director), Sammy Talalay, Olivia Willis, Eirion Slade (President), Victor Finkel, David Meredith, Jake Leichtling and Dom Burrell (Musical Director)


2012: Ali Livesey, Winni Kretzschmar (Treasurer), James Shirley (President), Michael Vanden Boom, Simon Kempner, Will Fletcher, Amelia Walsh, Sarah Anson, Ellie Watkins, Jane Lee, Tash Heliotis, Olivia Cooley


2011: Olivia Cooley (President), Jeremy Solly (Musical Director), Afra Morris, Simon Grange, Lilly Shattock, Emily Gill, James Shirley


2010: Simon Kempner (President), Emily Reed, Nick Corrin (Musical Director), Heather Hendrickson, Rachel Sykes, Olivia Cooley, Fray Bentos, Michael Boom, Jeremy Solly, Alastair Livesey, Sarah Banson, Simon Grange


2009: James Leveson, Cate Hall, Hugh Trimble


2008: Arden Moscati, and Michael Clements


2007: Becky Lawson (Musical Director), Josh Sasto, and Tim

Whelan (Musical Director)


2006: Hugh Drummond (Secretary), and Shelley Crofts


2005: Lizzie Da Costa (Musical Director), Claire Faber, Olivia

Macdonald (Musical Director)


2004: Blair Boyd Zant, Victoria Bryant (Musical Director), Teresa Bejan, and Peter James (Treasurer)


2003: Chris Doughty (Musical Director), Jo Wade


2002: Jon Harvey (Musical Director and President)


2001: Graham Watt (Secretary and President), and Tom Wicker (Secretary)

                                                     2000: Charlie Briar (Musical Director and President), Andrew Brett                                                         (Webmaster), Caroline Bone, Anni Oskala, Soo Lin Lui, Sophie                                                              MacCulloch, Cath Winstanley, Nicola Carnaby (PR), Blanche                                                               McIntyre, Dave Sharp (Musical Director), Mike Cubison, Andrew                                                            Shore, and John Moseling

                                                     1999: Carrie Stanley (Secretary and President), Sarah Steatham,                                                           Sonya Lipczynska (Treasurer and Founding Member), Laura                                                                    Tassoni, Mel Hersh (PR), Alex Higgins, Heidi Galenski, and Dale                                                            Wood (Musical Director)

                                                     1998: Brian Kreiswirth, Andrew Stacey (Secretary), and Sacha          Tomkins (Musical Director and Treasurer), Shawn Landres, Georgina Brown (Treasurer), Lorna Ronald (Treasurer, President and Founding Member), Kareem George, Josh Freidman, Andrew Stacey (Secretary and Webmaster)


1997: Rob McCall, Rupert Jones, Susan Lawlor, Matt Roberts, Emma Goodall, Eunice Tan (Musical Director), Emma Witkowski, and Dale Wood (Musical Director)


1996: Senay Boztas, Ed Evershed, Natalie Grazin, Kenny Harmon, Melanie Hersh, Brian Krieswirth (Musical Director), Ciara McGarry (Founding Member and President), Heidi Moore, Julia Savage, Nick Stokes, Chris Tolman, Jon Watson, and Wui-Jin Woon (Musical Director)


1995: Adam Dunning, Tony Patman (Founding Member and Musical Director) and Caroline Snashall (Founding Member)


1994: Mark Lindridge (Founding Member), and David Wienir (Founding Member and Musical Director)


Founding members: Lorna Ronald (Treasurer), Mark Lindridge, David Wienir, Tony Patman, Caroline Snashall, Ciara McGarry, Lorna Ronald


If you used to be in the group, contact us so we can build our alumni page all the way back to 1993!

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